for those wondering…

For those wondering, it took 6 hours and 15 minutes to receive the email from the aforementioned collector who is keen on celluloid figural corkscrews.

No deal has been struck as of yet, but you have to appreciate his consistency : )

On another note a nice 18th century double folding corkscrew arrived this afternoon. No markings, but in very nice shape.





I wonder how fast a comment/email will come in

This morning, I was teaching online, and decided to take a break. So, over a cup of coffee (my third at that point) I hopped on to eBay for a couple of moments. And, after doing a normal search, the corkscrew that was at the top of the list was an interesting German celluloid figural corkscrew.

The corkscrew had a fairly low buy it now price, and I didn’t hesitate!


Marked GERMANY on the base, it looks to be in pretty nice shape.


Now, I am not big on celluloid figural corkscrews, but we have a regular reader who definitely is. And, I wonder how fast after this blog is posted that a comment or email will come in asking if she is available for sale or trade.