a quick trip to the mainland

Yesterday, the lovely and I hopped on the boat and headed to the mainland. The lovely personal personal trainer is heading to Boston for a couple of days, and I needed to pick up the mini from the shop.

After picking up said mini cooper, the lovely started heading south, and I started to head back to the boat. But, as there are antique stores in between, I made a few stops.

At the first shop, there wasn’t much.

The second stop had potential, and in a few cases there were indeed corkscrews.



The flash is a souvenir from Portland Maine, and apparently Tommy already has it. Still, it was a fair price, so I figured I would grab that one.

A couple of cases later there was a four tooled bow for 25 bucks. I decided to pick that up too.


The shop that had these, is actually pretty small, so the hunt was relatively quick. A few doors down a new shop has opened, and while they were still loading stuff through the front door, I went inside and looked around a bit. Lots of architectural items, some big furniture pieces, and so I figured I would just ask.

“Any antique corkscrews?”

“Yes, a nice French 18th century one.”

Soon I was following the owner to the back of the shop, where he reached into a case and pulled out this:


It is nicely marked.


Of course, this is a fabulous little corkscrew, and I would like to put it in the collection, so I asked “how much.”

After hearing his asking price, and having him follow that up with, “they sell for twice that much in Paris.” I handed the silver perfume back to him. It is indeed a nice little thing, but with a $ 2400.00 price tag.

Thanking the owner for showing it to me, I was soon enough back on the road and heading for home. A few more stops, but no corkscrews to be had–overpriced 18th century perfumes or otherwise.

Oh, did you notice the Giants won last night! Can they go on to win the World Series. I say yes!!!!

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