a large collection

While in Brimfield, I ran into an antique dealer who explained that he had a collection of corkscrews at his place in Maine.

Maine? I live in Maine!

We exchanged business cards, and decided that at some point we would meet up and discuss doing a few deals.

I made a couple of phone calls, sent several emails, made some additional phone calls, sent a follow-up email, and over the course of a few months, he finally agreed to send pictures.






Now, I made it quite clear that I would gladly make a trip down, but apparently it is too much work to unpack the corkscrews–having been repacked after his photoshoot.

Having seen the pictures (and those above are just a couple) I have no doubt it is indeed a fairly time consuming process to unpack and repack (with hopefully a few not having to be repacked, as they would be heading to Vinalhaven).

Still, I responded to his email, suggesting a few deals. And, received no response. And, yesterday, as I was on the mainland, I offered to drive down, and complete the transaction.

To which, he responded, no. It is too much work to unpack the pieces I was after.

However, he was willing to sell the entire collection to me.


After asking how much, I opted not to make the drive. Hopefully, at some point, he will change his mind on the few that I am after, or lower his price (dramatically).

Funny thing is, through this process, I had come to the realization that about a decade ago, I was in this very dealer’s shop, and had asked for corkscrews. At the time, he explained that he had a whole collection of them. When I asked if I could see them, I received the same answer “no, it was too much work.”