On the Dudly Hunt

One of the corkscrews (or cork pullers rather) that I have long been after is the Albert Dudly patent of 1907 for his Stopper Extractor.



In a recent google search, I ran into a detailed description of the Dudly. and figured, well, maybe if I publish a little information, somehow someone who will read this, will be kind enough to send one my way : )

In the April 1906 issue of HARDWARE DEALERS’ MAGAZINE, the following appears:

“Dudly” Cork Puller

The Dudly Tool Co., Menominee, Mich., are offering the trade of the “Dudly” Cork Puller, illustrated. It is of metal, highly finished in nickel or gun metal and packed in cartons


of two dozen each. The Puller is shown full size. For pulling corks the loose end is removed and the spring in the other end is


dropped so that it is at right angles to the Puller frame. The spring at the lower end is pushed between the cork and the bottle neck until the frame rests on the cork as shown. Then the loose spring with knob-like handle end is


pushed through the slot of the frame between the cork and bottle neck, opposite to that of the other spring or prong. The frame is then turned slightly and a pull brings the cork


from a bottle, the cork not being over 1 1/4 inches diameter and 1 1/2 inches long, without injury to the operator, or to the cork. Tin or aluminum caps, of any shape, are readily removed with this tool; when doing this work the cork springs or prongs are in place within the frame. In removing outside aluminum or tin cap the frame is placed on the cap of the bottle as shown, and the spring hook engages with the rip of cap and it is readily pulled off.

To remove caps from the neck of the bottle the spring hook will catch inside of cap rim, and bearing down the cap, is removed. It can also be used on open wired bottles. The device weighs but two ounces.

If you have a Dudly stopper extractor bottle opener cork puller, I would love to add it to the collection!