a small collection…

Not too long ago, I received an email regarding a small collection that was available. As you might remember, within the collection was a Frary with squashed oblong handle and integrated bell. Of course, we don’t know that this is a Frary for sure, as it isn’t pictured in the literature, but it is just too similar not to be.


And, as previously posted, we came to an agreement on the Frary, and it was placed into the Frary drawer (not that I have a drawer full of Frarys).

Well, okay, I do have a drawer full of Frarys.


Not that I don’t want more : )

Anyway, yesterday a deal was indeed struck for the rest of the collection, and these will be heading to the island–albeit temporarily, as they will ultimately be heading elsewhere.


A nice little lot, for a very fair price!

After completing the deal, the seller also explained that she would include something extra as a thank you…


I will report back with what the bonus gift with purchase is…

Stay tuned!