Caststeel and a pair of nippers with corkscrew

This morning, I received an email with an inquiry about a corkscrew. It read as follows:

“Good morning. We bought this yesterday at a garage sale. Do you know what brand it is and what year it was made? Thank you in advance for your time.”

And, they attached a picture of said garage sale find:


I suggested that they look closely at the shaft just under the handle. And, explained that these are usually marked, “Will and Finck,” “H & B MFG.” or CASTSTEEL. Based on that information, I could help further. I also asked her what it set her back at the garage sale.

She responded, “it reads CASTSTEEL”

No reference as to what she paid for it however.

I emailed back:

“CASTSTEEL was a trademark for Humason and Beckley. If the blade is complete and the heiix is not broken, a collector would definitely be interested. So, are you selling? Or, are you a collector of corkscrews?”

And, she responded, “Nothing is broken. We want to sell it. Are you interested in it? Or do you have any suggestions on how to sell it? I appreciate your help. Thank you.”

I emailed back:

“I am always interested in acquiring corkscrews. So, what did it cost you at the garage sale. Unless it cost you an arm an a leg, I am pretty sure you will make a profit : ) What would you want for it?”

After she responded (with still no reference as to what she paid for it) a deal was done!

She followed up with this. “If we find any more would you be interested? We are avid (obsessed) garage salers and go nearly every weekend.”

Thanks for the deal Joyce! And, yes, I will be very interested in any corkscrews you find!!!!

Speaking of corkscrews. I have been working from home (not that I usually work from somewhere else) today, and happened to search eBay on a break. And, what turns up but a champagne nippers with folding corkscrew with a buy it now or best offer on eBay.

As you are all aware, I love a deal, and I was indeed tempted to make an offer. But, after thinking it over for a second, I opted to snap it up for a whopping £ 5,99. A smokin’ deal.