obstinate corks…

From The Iron age. v.42 (July-Dec 1888).


The article, illustrated above is put on the market by Dame, Stoddard & Kendall, Boston, Mass. It is made entirely of steel. As indicated in the cut, the shank of the screw is given play in the handle, with a construction which is referred to as affording a powerful leverage by which the corkscrew is enabled to do its work with exceptional facility. The directions given for the use of this corkscrew are: That the bottle be placed on its base, the screw inserted in the cork in the ordinary way, and when the inside of the bell strikes the top of the bottle, the corkscrew is still kept turning, being slightly pulled at the same time, and in this manner it is claimed that the most obstinate corks can be twisted out with ease. The screw is so adjusted in the handle, that when broken, a new one can be easily substituted.

And, soon to be added to the Curley Corkscrew page.


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