Quick trip to the mainland

Yesterday, I hopped in the X-terra, hopped onto the boat, hopped off the boat, hopped into the Mini, and headed for the printer. After retrieving a rather large box, it was back in the Mini and heading south.

After a brief stop at Treats (for coffee) I parked the Mini, and unpacked the box of the latest issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, and placed 70 issues into their appropriate pre-addressed envelopes.

Taking a chance that there would be a short line at the post office in Wiscasset, Maine, I left the sealed envelopes in the Mini and poked my head into the office. No line, and two clerks!


I went back to the Mini, and retrieved the aforementioned issues of the BST.

I placed the envelopes on the counter, and the postmistress started printing the postage for each issue heading overseas. Meanwhile, the other clerk grabbed the U.S. bound issues, and started placing stamps on them for me.

This truly is the nicest post office on the planet

About midway through the overseas pile, the woman asked what the newsletter was about. I had already explained it was a newsletter for a club, and then mentioned upon her asking, that it was a corkscrew collecting club.

She responded, “Antique corkscrews, I have several of those.”

I figured that she didn’t have them with her.

I asked anyway!

She didn’t.

Still, she promised to email pictures of the corkscrews she did have at home. And, after all of the BST’s were stamped and handed over for delivery, I thanked them for their time.

The newsletter is on its way! Thank you helpful Wiscasset post office folk!!!

For you ICCA’ers, be sure to check your mailboxes in the days to come!

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