a second Adelaide (?) corkscrew

When Ian and Sue were here visiting earlier this year, he gave me an Adelaide corkscrew. And, that, to this point, is the only Adelaide corkscrew in the collection. Not that I have anything against corkscrew with little spikes on the side, it just is one of those things that hasn’t really come my way.

But, since I have one, why not pick up another. And, a couple of weeks ago,I ran across this corkscrew with an opener-like spiky thing on the side.


The corkscrew has taken a while to get here, but I am guessing Ian will know it at first glance–and hopefully fill me in–after which, I will fill all of you in.



Also, just for kicks in the September 14, 1892 issue of the Wanganui Herald, Adelaide Cork Screws are mentioned. Feel free to check out the image below


2 responses

  1. Great,you are now an Adelaide collector….that makes about 3 of us!
    Your’s is German. See it in Ellis’ small book p 171 marked Boker Germany. See also Screwbase CLx592.
    Not strictly an Adelaide because 1) handle is wood and not trying to simulate horn and 2) it’s a caplifter not a spike but it fits in the extended definition!

    The reference in the shipping news is fun too. Sometimes these references refer to them as Johnson Adelaide corkscrews. Johnson was just the main maker.
    I have handles like that and I have caplifters like that and I’ve been tempted to put them together….

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