Oversized Frame Corkscrew

In the most recent CollectorCorkscrews.com Auction, there was an interesting lot for an “Unusual Open Frame – Large Format Bottles,” with a description that read, “English, bronze wash, open-frame corkscrew designed for use on large format bottles. Uncommon.”

While it the listing didn’t mention anything about the actual size, having purchased corkscrews from this particular collector/seller in the past, I was sure his description was accurate, and decided to place a bid.

As it happened, I was the winning bidder–not a common occurrence 🙂

The corkscrew arrived yesterday, and it is indeed an oversized corkscrew.


It isn’t HUGE, but in comparing it with an open frame Chinnook, for example, you can see how much larger the frame is. And, in opening a normal sized bottle of wine, the Chinnock works–we actually used it last night.


The oversized frame, is clearly too large for a normal sized bottle; the neck of the bottle passing through the base to the top of the frame–the helix would actually pass through the cork and well into the bottle’s contents.


I agree with the seller, a large format bottle corkscrew for sure. Now, I just need to round up a 6 liter bottle to try it out 🙂


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