Magic Introduction Company

From a September 7, 1893 issue of The Iron Age:

Magic Cork Extractor.

Magic Introduction Company, 891 Broadway, New York, are putting the


above on the market, as illustrated herewith. The body of the extractor is iron, the prongs steel, with hard wood handle; metal parts are all nickel plated. The ends of the prongs inside the body are held in position by a spiral spring, the spring also allowing the prongs to adapt themselves to the inner surface of the bottle neck. On prong is slightly longer than the other. In operation the longer prong is inserted between the cork and the bottle, and the other prong turned to the opposite side of the cork. By rocking the extractor from side to side the prongs are forced down o the bottom of the cork. The extractor is then turned to the left and the cork drawn. The manufacturers claim that with the extractor three corks may be drawn in the time required to draw one with an ordinary corkscrew.

Three times as fast? I think I will go try it!



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