what could it be???

It just happens this way sometimes. There I am, taking photos, and compiling my best 6 of the year, when suddenly there is yet another corkscrew that makes the choice that much more difficult. Yes, a really hard to come by American patented corkscrew is enroute to the collection.

Not that mind, as this is a piece that I have long been after, and only know of one or two other examples.

But, since the deadline for the best 6 will soon be upon us, I will wait to reveal the latest best 6 contender until I actually publish it and send it out.

The big reveal, don’t you know 🙂

The lovely personal personal trainer are on the mainland for the day, having hopped on the boat last night and had a fabulous dinner at Primo.

This morning it is a trip down to Bath, Maine and then a little holiday cheer along the way. And, maybe, just maybe, a little antiquing.

If anything turns up, I will report back here.