Over the course of this past week, there has been one particular eBay item on my watch list. A nice variant made by James D. Frary, I knew that this one wouldn’t slip through.


Well, I kind of hoped it would.


I actually already have this, and it was in my best six of last year (meaning 2013). Still, why not have a pair.


Two bids, at the end of the first day, both Robert and Tommy.

Okay, well, maybe it won’t go too high.

Maybe I still have a chance.

Then, I get a note from Ian saying that he is interested.

That would be Ian NOT Ion.

Of course, one of the reasons that the piece wasn’t going to slip through, was that it was being sold as a Frary. Apparently, in seeking out information about the piece, the seller had found my website, and even cites it in the listing.

Wayne! You could have emailed me a picture, I would have bought it from you (hint hint hint).

Yes, since listing the corkscrew, the seller and I had exchanged emails. Apparently, he found it on the garage floor at an estate sale in Oregon, although didn’t disclose what he paid. Still, I offered up an appraisal of the item, as apparently he had been getting Buy it Now requests (not from me), and I told him what it should ultimately sell for–a range anyway.

As the auction was winding down, it was still at 315 dollars, with Robert in the lead. With a minute or so to go, I decided to go ahead and throw out a bid. Maybe Ian wasn’t going to go for it (that would be Ian not Ion). And, maybe RL and TC aren’t really that excited about it.

I bid, and for a moment I was the high bidder, only to be taken out in the closing seconds by Ion.

That would be Ion not Ian.

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