Fray’s Sullivan Cork Puller – one for the wish list

When we visited John and Martha during the ICCA meetings, amongst the many corkscrews available for viewin,g was a fantastic example of the Frary Sullivan Bar Screw. Now, I have seen another example of the Sullivan, but this is the first I have seen that is actually signed Frary.

This is definitely one that is on the wish list.

John just published his best 6, and the Frary Sullivan made the cut. Truly a fantastic piece, he was gracious enough to allow me to use it on the website.


And, here is the description of the corkscrew from an 1889 issue of Iron Age

The illustration here with given represents a new cork-pullerput on the market by James D. Frary, Meriden, Conn., and embodying features for which he is obtaining patents. As will be inferred from the illustration,


the corkscrew is inserted in the cork by means of the handle at the top of the puller, when,by raising the lever or principal handle, which, by means of thegears attached to it, is connected with the rack to which the corkscrew is attached, the cork is easily extracted. It will be seen that the cork-puller has a clamp attachment for fastening it to the counter of shelf. The screw is described as made of the best cast steel, hardened and tempered. This puller is made in two styles, ornamented in Berlin bronze and nickel-plated. The simplicity and strength of its construction, its ornamental appearance and the efficiency of its working are the points in regard to which are emphasized by the manufacturer.

If you have a Frary Sullivan Bar Screw, or a Frary Fifth Avenue Bar Screw, I would love to trade for them.

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