A year of corkscrewing around…

2014 started with the lovely bride and I in New York City, and along with ringing in the new year, we found a Sterling folding spoon with corkscrew (for a fair price), starting off the New Year right…

There have been many many many corkscrews acquired this year, some remain in the collection, some have been passed on to others, and it truly is amazing what is still out there in the wild.

There have been visits to the island from TC, and Ian & Sue, exploits with Tommy to visit Don Mishke, Paul Luchsinger, Don Bull, John Stanley, and Art Santen’s respective collections. Brimfield, trades, deals, purchases, sales, auctions, the annual meetings in Niagara Falls and NYC, and so many exciting adventures in between. The lovely personal personal trainer opened Vinalhaven Fitness to a wonderful, and often sweaty, success. And, there have been so many other exciting events. Truly a great year.

Tomorrow the lovely bride and I are off on an adventure to the mainland, and we will be heading to visit some friends in Connecticut to ring in the new year–I am thinking there will be a little antiquing along the way : )

What will 2015 bring? Hana, Brimfield, Southern California, Briones, Bucharest…what corkscrews will make their way into the collection? What finds will be found?

Stay tuned!

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