One for Tommy, One for Don, and a couple for me

The lovely bride and I rang in the new year with a small group of friends in Stonington Connecticut, and one of the ringers-in mentioned a friend that recently bought (over the last couple of years) the R. Murphy Knife Company. Of course, this lead us into a conversation about Murphy and corkscrews–and oyster knives, as one of the first courses was oysters–but before that, he sent an email off to his friend, who apparently wants to talk with me about the history of Murphy–how cool is that!

On the way down, we did hit one antique mall. And, there were corkscrews. Not a whole lot worth buying, as they were either overpriced, or a little less desirable. That said, in one small case, I did find a Williamson Flash for a fair price, and with 20 percent off in the booth, it was worth picking up. After texting Tommy about it, he sent a message back, he doesn’t have this one yet.


He will soon.

Back to the New Year’s Eve. Dinner started about 8 pm, and each of us prepared a course for dinner, starting with a caviar service, and moving on to the aforementioned oysters. This was followed but a lovely tomato consume with a little added Pernod. After the soup course, we then had Scott’s famous lasagna. Our course was next, with fresh local scallops, seared with a cracked pepper dust, and asparagus with prosciutto on the side. As we cleared the dishes, a brief break was taken, where we opened a few more wines–1991 Montelena and a 2004 Isosceles to accompany the Ribeye that was coming up next. The 1991 Montelena, has softened over the years, but it is still holding up well!

After the many courses, we were closing in on midnight, and pouring another glass headed into the family room to watch the ball drop, and have champagne. Top hats, noise makers, boas, and horns were distributed, and 2015 was officially here.

A terrific night, with fantastic (and two new) friends.

On the way down, whilst at the antique mall, we found a flyer for a New Year’s Morning antique show. A little over an hour away from Stonington, and with a 9 am start, I figured that most of the revelers would probably NOT be up for a morning drive to do a little antiquing.

I on the other hand, was more than willing.

Waking early, and packing up, I headed off to Glastonbury, where it was advertised that 140 dealers would be waiting.

After requisite coffee, and another stop for more requisite coffee, I made my way to the show, and recognized many of the dealers from Brimfield. Not any really rare corkscrews, but there were a few items that were worth picking up. A couple of pieces from one of those figural barbershop quartet bar sets, but these are better than normal examples being bronze and signed on the backs.





A few booths later, there was a small bottle figural that is a souvenir the 1933 Worlds Fair in Chicago. at 10 dollars, I was quite pleased with that one. And, in the very next booth, a small figural brass bull (possibly for Don).



Given it was still early, and guessing that back at the house coffee was just being consumed, I made another round through the show to exhaust all possibilities. No more corkscrews worth buying, and in short order, I was back in the x-terra and heading back to Stonington.

The next few days were spent having conversations with good friends, making plans for future adventures, and on the last day, a bit of antiquing. No corkscrews were picked up, but it was a fantastic time.

Yesterday morning, we rose early, and headed back up to Maine. Hopping on the boat, we made it back just before dark. A great time, with lots of wine (and I mean LOTS OF WINE), fun conversations, and many toasts to each other and the new year.