In 1851, Charles Goodyear was awarded his patent for India Rubber. And, while he used his India Rubber to create the capsule from which a corkscrew could be unfolded, recently I ran across an old catalog that mentions some of the other products which were made from his patented material.


John W. Gray’s Rubber Goods catalogue, also features an illustration of Goodyear as well.


Indeed, the Indian Rubber was used on lots of different products, and here are some of the “Hard Rubber Goods” illustrated in the catalog. The first, coincidentally, is the Goodyear “Pocket Cork-Screw.


This is followed by illustrations of an oiler, funnel, dice-cup, ear-trumpet (and who doesn’t want to see one of those in a marching band), thimble, and napkin-ring

Again, these are all under the Hard Rubber heading, but there are a myriad of other products made from a soft India Rubber. To name a few, there is an insect gun, various atomizers, articles of clothing, boots, horse hoods, gloves, etc., and of course my personal favorite (beyond the corkscrew) “Goodyear’s Pocket Gymnasium and Health Pull”


It seems that Goodyear’s invention could be used for practically anything.

Fortunately for those of us that collect corkscrews, he had the good sense to include a corkscrew as part of his wares.


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