“…the corkscrew is incidental…”

Whilst doing a little corkscrew search this morning, I ran across a non-eBay listing for some Sterling pieces from a manicure kit. And, pictured adjacent to the three Sterling handled pieces, was one of those miniature Hercules corkscrews with bone handle.

I looked closely at the images provide, and the spring looked a little less than perfect. Still, a decent little thing to pick up.

But, do I really need a few extra Sterling handled non-corkscrews?

I started reading the description, and the seller, recognizing that the corkscrew didn’t go with the Sterling set, added that the, “…corkscrew is incidental…” and had little value.


Little value?


So, I sent the seller a note, and she responded in short order with a nice price for the corkscrew alone.

Before the deal was complete, she asked about the significance of the corkscrew. I explained that it was a miniature Hercules type, and that the spring looked to be unsprung, and while not super valuable, it was a neat enough thing.

After friendly exchange, a price was agreed upon.

And, she promised to send pictures if she finds others, incidental or not.