Silver Knight Cork Puller

At the Chicago ICCA AGM, Don Bull gave a fantastic presentation on Chicago corkscrews. When I first contacted him asking if he would put together the presentation, I had no idea the depth to which he would go, and the amount of corkscrews that find their origins in, or have something to do with, Chicago.

His presentation, for those interested, is available on website, in the library section, and you can link to it here: The Incomplete Chicago Corkscrew Story

One of the corkscrews mentioned in his presentation was one made by the O’Brien Machine Company of Chicago.


Marked, MFG’D BY O’BRIEN MACH CO. CHGO ILL. it was marketed by O’Brien as the Silver Knight Cork Puller


These haven’t turned up very often, and I have wanted to add one to the collection for some time.

Just December, one sold on eBay.


I was following that one, and I did bid, but got outbid by a few others.

It wasn’t that high of a price in the grand scheme of things, and the Silver Knight Cork Puller indeed brought a fair amount more on the auction last February.

No worries, I figured at some point, eventually another will turn up.

And, then one did.

A couple of days ago, another O’Brien Machine Company corkscrew showed up on eBay, and it sat there for a couple of days with an opening bid of 49.99, but no bids. Then, yesterday, suddenly a Buy it Now for almost the exact same price as the previously sold O’Brien appeared. Obviously the seller had done some research.

I hemmed and hawed for a couple of minutes, and decided, what the heck. You got outbid on the last one, why not go for it.

I did.

And, soon enough, as the Silver Knight Cork Puller as the ad would explain, a “…rust proof aluminum alloy with high carbon steel spiral, hardened, tempered, and nickel plated,” corkscrew whose, “Material and workmanship is guaranteed” by The O’Brien Machine Co. of Chicago will be on its way to the island.


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