Island Spirits

Several years ago, the lovely personal personal trainer and I purchased a small commercial building on Vinalhaven. And, over the course of many months, the old bank vault that building housed, was dismantled, the steel insert dismantled, and the old subfloor ripped up.

We replaced stringers, insulated, installed a new subfloor, rebuilt walls, and then one early morning, cut away the front of the building and replaced it with a new facade that we had been secretly constructing inside that very building. Our thought, was if we did it early enough, we would have it installed before most of the island made their way into town.

It worked.


Mostly (we needed to make some adjustments for it to fit).

And, of course there was a new roof, new electrical, new plumbing new sheetrock and ceiling. New (reclaimed) wood floors, and when was all said and done, a decade long abandoned, and quite dilapidated, building was read for reuse.

After a steel sculpture of an antique corkscrew was attached, Island Spirits, the wine shop from across the street, picked up and moved into the space.


About a year after moving into the space, the owner of the shop, suggested that the lovely and I take it over and run it ourselves. And, every year since, he has made the same suggestion.

Finally, this year, we decided to go for it.

And, so, as of January 1, we are the new owners of Island Spirits, a purveyor of wine, beer, cheese, local island grown produce, and some interesting noshes and delectables.

We are super excited about the entire venture, and over the last week, I have redesigned the logo, to include a corkscrew. How could I not?


The next few months will be spent with a little re-design of the space, fresh paint, a new square register system, and of course, lots of wine tastings for the lovely and I, as we restock the store and re-open in May.

Stay tuned for more Island Spirits updates, and all things corkscrew!

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