a few sneak through, and a small bidding war…

Every once in a while, it seems that on our second favorite auction site, a corkscrew or two will sneak through (mostly) unnoticed. And, over the course of the last week, there were two lots that I had been watching. The first was a collection of openers, that I had just happened upon. And, in looking at the first image, there appeared to be a corkscrew within the lot.


And, in going through all the photos, there was a picture that showed more detail.


As I suspected, it was 1933 Arnof patent tongs / corkscrew. I emailed the seller to get a better idea of the condition, and continued to check on the lot. After a few days with little action, she decided to revise the listing, and added the word corkscrew to the description, as it hadn’t been there before.

Would that garner more interest?

With two days to go, I placed a bid, and then set up a healthy snipe bid, just in case.

While it didn’t sneak through completely, there was only one other bidder. And, in the end, the lot was won for all of $17.49. A pretty good deal for a patent piece that doesn’t turn up that often.

The auction that mostly slipped through, was a listing for “3 Antique Corkscrews.” on the UK eBay site.

The image that should up on eBay, surely was part of the reason that there wasn’t a flurry of bidding.


Perhaps seeing a rather simple bow, people chose not to click and examine the other three. And, it sat there languishing at .99 for a day or so. And, then there was one bid…

And, that was it for a few more days.

Then came a bid of 2.75, and then 5.00, and then 8.99 on the final day. Still, it should definitely be going higher. As I was working online as the auction was closing, I awaited the snipe bids to come in. 58 pounds…with 20 seconds to go.

Okay, not really sneaking through, and there has got to be more snipes coming in the closing seconds. I quickly placed a bid. And, I was the high bidder at 78. 10 seconds to go, no more bids. 5 seconds to go…


No other snipes. No other bids.

So, the 78 pounds (not including shipping ends up being about 117 dollars. And, you might think, “okay, Josef, if there is a common bow, what were the other two, that would warrant that kind of number.”

Well, the third of the three, also isn’t that exciting.


It is one of those sheath type with advertising.

The second however, is definitely worth the price of admission.

An 18th century double folder.




Definitely a nice little corkscrew, for a smokin’ deal!

Speaking of auctions and such. The collector corkscrews .com special auction ended today, with 241 auction lots. And, I did bid on a couple. Only to be out bid. Not for a lack of trying. On one particular corkscrew that I found rather intriguing, it started with a fairly low open at $150.00. I bid early on, and hoped that no one would find it as interesting as I did.


The seller explained it is marked, “Power’s Regulator Co Chicago – New York Offices in 43 cities PAT. PEND. B & B St.P.”

Just as it was about to end, I got an email notification that I had been outbid. Fotodeal. Okay, this could be interesting. I bid again, and was the high bidder. Then I was outbid again. I bid higher, and was the high bidder again. And, so it went.


In the end, I backed off. I did indeed want the little corkscrew, but how high was the right price? And, now that there is one heading to Romania, perhaps the next one can be had for what was my initial bid.

And, perhaps even less.

Always exciting with the auction, and there were some great pieces.

Tommy really went after a patented Dudly Cork Extractor (marked, DUDLY TOOL Co MENOMINEE, MICH PATENT PENDING). I too want one of these (as you all well know), and I had hoped for his sake that he would have gotten that one.



But, no luck, Ion struck again.

Maybe next time TC! Good strong effort!

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