heavy lifting, and another tongs…

Yesterday, much of the morning (from about 7 am until almost 11 am) was spent digging out from the latest snow storm. Digging a path from the front door to the street didn’t take that long, but digging out both cars from the 3+ foot piles of snow placed around them by the drifts and the snow plows, did take some time.

And, then there was the huge drift on the back deck, that was now reaching close to the roof line.

And, then I headed over to Vinalhaven Fitness to dig out an adequate path so we could access the fitness studio.

To be perfectly honest, the shoveling doesn’t really bother me. The bigger problem, however, is where to put the snow. The mountain of snow on either side of the house is getting rather high, and in the forecast they are predicting another 6 to 9 inches today.

Spring CANNOT come soon enough.

That said, the digging out, has become my morning work out it seems, and with temperatures only reaching a high of 16 degrees, and the aforementioned snow on the ground, going for a run around the island simply isn’t good idea.

Speaking of working out, recently a neat little weight lifter figural corkscrew was listed on eBay. The person had two of them, and the asking price was fairly low. Tommy picked one of them up, and I grabbed the other. No markings, but pretty cool.


Also, I was contacted yesterday, by someone who had a few corkscrews and a large bottle opener collection that belonged to his grandfather. While many of the corkscrews were of the common variety, and two of the better ones were placed on eBay, we struck a deal for another Arnof patent tongs. How odd, that two would turn up within a couple of days of each other.


More corkscrew news as it happens, or at least after we dig out yet again…