Still, waiting on the Barnes, but it finally stopped snowing…

While there will still be more snow to come, it has been a nice (really cold) few days of blue skies. And, even though the high is only 17 degrees, seeing the sun rather than gray with snow falling heavily, is a welcome sight,

The antique lot with the Barnes has yet to arrive, but the postal folk, did confirm that it is on its way.

In the mean time, I have been shoveling, shoveling, shoveling, shoveling, and then shoveling.

I did manage to pick up another R. Murphy direct pull on eBay. I surely already have this, as there is an entire drawer full or Murphys in the corkscrew case, but I simply can’t help myself.


And, what if it is a little different. I mean, you gotta take a chance every once in a while.

Speaking of, this weekend there was an auction that included two corkscrew lots. One, had five corkscrews, and it was pretty well broadcast all over the Internet. And, I happened to be in attendance at the auction. With multiple online bidders, and one phone bidder, it went from a 250 opening to 1300 in a minute and a half. The phone bidder was next, and in the end, they got the lot. I did bid, but after seeing the condition of the pieces, decided against going any higher–for those wondering the bottom of the sheath on the perfume corkscrew was split.


The second lot, I did take a chance on. This was actually a Cartier display for a store. And within the display was a cartier corkscrew, but corkscrew wasn’t mentioned in the listing. Perhaps, there is a chance here. But, given that I had to head back to the boat, and the lot wouldn’t come up for some time, I placed an absentee bid on my way out.


Not even close.

The Cartier lot went for 1500. A fair bit above my paltry bid–and my willingness to go an extra increment higher.

Oh well…