I. Best

Not too long ago, I mentioned winning three corkscrews in an auction on eBay, and that lot itself went fairly low. And, within the lot, was an 18 century double folding corkscrew with pipe tampers.

This, in itself, made the lot quite the steal.


The three corkscrews arrived today, and as it turns out, the double folder is signed.



This would be the first signed example of the 18c. double folding corkscrew that I have ever owned. And, it certainly made my afternoon (btw, it is snowing AGAIN!).

As soon as I saw the signature on the piece, I knew exactly where to look for further information on the piece. Of course, I would look at Bert Giulian’s text on 18th century corkscrews, but also I headed to Webby’s website, as he and Brian May have published several articles, and one on the I. BEST signed pieces. You can link to that article here.

Thanks for the information Webby!!!

A neat, and rather rare, signed corkscrew.

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