a barnes indeed…

Well, we have had a few more snow storms, with more on the way. During the last one, not only did the grocery store close for the day–as did pretty much everything else–the state decided to shut down the ferry service, so if you were on the island, you were ON the island. And, if you were trying to get back home, you were definitely OFF the island.

Fortunately for us, we has plenty of wine, food, etc., to weather the snow, high winds, and rising drifts, and it has been blue skies for the past couple of days, although the winds have still been high, and the temperatures definitely low.

But, everything is back to normal, the stores and shops are open, the mail is being delivered, and the aforementioned snow has been moved aside to make way for more snow.

It really is beautiful, but as the news may have suggested, it has been pretty relentless here on the East Coast–or in our case, slightly off the East Coast.


That all said, in between blizzards, I have been down at the wine shop removing shelves, fixing walls, mudding, sanding, and painting. Meetings have been had with several vendors, and progress is definitely being made.

On the corkscrew front, the auction lot that I won a while back arrived, and what I believed to be a Barnes patent bow, is indeed a Barnes patent bow–with a nice sharp helix and clearly marked, “PAT. MAY 27, 84”




Definitely a hard piece to come by, but as I already have two versions of the 1884 Barnes bow, if anyone wants to offer up a corkscrew (or two) in trade, feel free.

Today, I am heading off the island–bringing a shovel with–to unbury the Mini; if I can find it. If any corkscrews are unearthed in the meantime, I will report back here.

Stay Tuned.