Eug. Delmertz?

In the coming weeks, an interesting painting will be coming up for auction, and the auction house explains that it is painted by “Eug. Delmertz.”

Although, they really don’t seem to think it is Eug. Delmertz, as in the listing, there is a question mark after the word Delmertz?

I am guessing that either, Delmertz is a guess, and they can’t quite make out the signature, or that they believe Delmertz is the person that painted it, but they can’t find any information on the artist.

Either way, Eug, let’s assume that is short for Eugene.

And, therefore in reading this when you see “Eug”, think “huge” with an silent H or phonetically “yüj.” Anyway Eug created a painting of a man pulling a cork with a corkscrew.


And, given the subject mater, Eug’s painting might be of interest. If you are looking to place bid, you can link to the auction here

Not much other corkscrew news as of note lately. But, not for a lack of trying.

If anything does turn up, I will report back here.