too much time at the shop…

The last few days have been spent on the wood floors at the wine shop. Originally, when we renovated the place five years ago, I installed reclaimed hemlock flooring, face nailed it with square nails, and then after sanding it, coated it with urethane.

Over the years, however, some of the finish has worn off, there have been spills, scuff marks, and just general wear and tear.

So, yesterday, after being gifted a floor buffer–which was quickly converted to a floor screener–I spent multiple hours with several screens taking off the dirt, grime, stains, etc., and giving it a fresher look.

Not all the blemishes have been removed, purposefully, as we do want the floors to have a rustic look. These will then be oiled, and we will soon enough be ready to have shelving etc., placed and ready for product.

That said, after spending multiple hours in the shop, and then sweeping up all the dust that is generated by the aforementioned screening, I came home to find an email from RL, asking about a corkscrew that he had just gotten.


I responded with what I knew, and then picked up the phone for the details.

Apparently, I was spending too much time at the shop, as this variation of the Curley was listed on eBay with a buy it now or best offer for a very fair price. And, RL was Johnny-on-the-spot, and snapped it up.

Not rare in the grand scheme of things, but a variation of the 1884 patent that I have yet to acquire–you can see my Curley corkscrew collection here.

What is interesting about this version of the Curley, is that it matches up nicely with advertisements for the piece. For example, in a Dame, Stoddard, and Kendall catalog (out of Boston) it shows this illustration:


Compared to the example RL just picked up, the illustration is less decorative, but it has many similarities.

Nice grab RL!

Of course, as I am want to do, I have already made a fairly healthy trade offer for it, and we shall see. I do have a corkscrew that Robert wants, and obviously, the Curley would be a welcome addition to the collection.

That said, if you have a corkscrew marked for Curley, Hicks and Reynolds, or Troy, NY, I would be happy to add it to the collection. Feel free to email pictures!

Actually, if you have any unusual antique corkscrews with which you would like to part, drop me a line.

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