it boggles the mind

Yesterday, an auction in Virginia took place, and within the offerings were multiple corkscrew lots.  Several Syroco corkscrews were available, as well as a pair of legs, a few interesting patented pieces, and lots of other figural corkscrews.  The best lot of the bunch–at least in my thinking–consisted of a Kupper Bier folding bell and a Perille waiter’s friend.


The lot did garner a fairly healthy bid, but still a fair price in the end.

What was interesting in the auction, was that the corkscrews in many of the lots, simply went for very little considering what was in them.  $100.00 for a lot of 8 corkscrews that definitely was worth a fair bit more.  And, I probably should have bid on several of the lots, but just watched as the floor bidders and Internet bidders went at it.

Then there was one particular lot however left me asking, “really?”


475? + 20% commission for this lot of little dogs?  What am I missing here?

You just never know what lot is going to get the bidders/collectors attention.

On a non-corkscrew note, the lovely personal personal trainer and I are heading off island on the last boat today–one night in Rockland, and then we head to Boston for the night.  And, then, we hop an early morning flight to San Francisco and then Maui.

It will be a fantastic vacation and we can hardly wait!

See you soon John and Martha!!!

One response

  1. Hi
    Great web site
    Looks like you have worked hard at it.
    Question for you if you can answer it.
    I pick up a corkscrew that has genuine Ivory on one side and a carving maybe or picture of dog sled on the other.
    flat on both sides rounded top, flat on the bottom.
    Corkscrew is a solid core when you look down it.
    1. is this legal to own?
    2. any real value?

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