Corkscrew Has Rival

From the September 25, 1909 issue of the Chicago Eagle:

Corkscrew Has Rival

How many times have you given a corkscrew a last desperate yank to have it come ripping out and the cork remain in the bottle, torn up to such an extent that it is impossible to get another hold on it? If you have had this experience you will welcome the news that there is a new cork extractor in the market which not only has not the bad habits of the old corkscrew but will extract a cork after the center has been pulled out by the latter.


This new extractor, which was devised by a Connecticut man, consists of two pieces of wire having their upper ends hinged and forming a handle part and crossing each other at the middle, after the fashion of ice tongs. The lower ends are pointed and curve toward each other.

These points are thrust into a cork and as the operator pulls on the extractor the wires grip tighter. It does not require much cork to give a purchase and the device will be found invaluable when a corkscrew has succeeded in only mutilating a cork.

In the March 14, 1909 issue of the Pittsburgh Daily Post, they have the same text, but a clearer illustration:


The hunt is on!