Patentirt GR

Corkscrewing around has been on the back burner as of late–as you may have gathered.  And, the last few days have been spent heading to the mainland for new shelving for the wine shop, working with square up for a new point of sale system, meeting with carpenters and metal workers, as well as doing much of the improvements needed on the building.

And, of course there is licensing, a bit of graphic design, new stemless wine tasting glasses (soon available for purchase) and just general getting ready stuff for when we reopen in May.


That said, there has been a corkscrew purchase as of late.  An interesting Erhardt/Reissman patent, that is marked across the frame PATENTIRT GR.



I have only seen a couple of these, without the little wooden balls on the sides of the handles. A nice addition to the collection, although being of German origin, as I focus on American corkscrews. it might be available for trade if any of you are so inclined.

Speaking of trading there have been phone calls and emails going back and forth between RL and I, and we may have a deal that will bring the embossed Curley–mentioned in the past, into the collection.


What say you RL?

Stay tuned.

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