Feel free to email pictures of your corkscrews…

It isn’t an uncommon thing, that I receive emails ranging from asking if the person has any standouts in their collection, if I can offer an appraisal/evaluation of a corkscrew or two, and sometimes if I might be interested in acquiring the corkscrew(s) being offered.

And, the other day (Sunday actually) whilst the lovely personal personal trainer and I were on the mainland, three such emails came through asking just those questions.

The collection of corkscrews, where I asked if there were any stand outs, or special pieces, didn’t really have anything truly rare within it. That said, if I was starting out, and was offered any number of corkscrews in the collection, I would have been thrilled. Rare and expansive? No. But, unusual and cool. Most definitely.

The second email, came through without a picture attached, but just an offer. It explained that they had a Haff patent with bell assist, for sale if I was interested. With no photos attached, I responded seeking pictures, and knowing they these don’t turn up often, expressed my interest.

The photos arrived, and the helix has an odd twist to it. Still, as hard to come by as it is, I wanted it. And, the price was pretty darn fair. The Haff patent is heading to the island.  We shall see how to cleans up.

Haff Corkscrew1[15]

Haff corkscrew2[20]

The third email was someone asking for an appraisal of their cork puller. And, pictures were attached.



After a brief exchange, it was explained that the U-Neek was indeed for sale, and after going back and forth, yesterday a deal was agreed upon, and it too is heading to the island.

If you have any corkscrews, you don’t have to wait until next Sunday. Feel free to send pictures!  Maybe we can work a trade or sale!

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