From the October 15, 1917 edition of The Wichita Beacon


An Extractor Which Does Not Mutilate the Stopper

When you open a bottle you generally want to preserve the cork for subsequent use, but this is not always accomplished with the old-fashioned corkscrew.


The new cork extractor, which is among the recent inventions, has a small screw that sets more as a guide than anything else, but the real work of extracting is done by the means of two knife-like points which slip between the cork and the throat of the bottle and then clasps the cork in a strangle-hold which brings it from its lodging place.

The illustration shows the Martin L. Kinsey patent cork extractor of 1917 (patent number 1,225,037).

Yet another cork extractor that has yet to have been found.  Or, has it?

Do you have one!



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