Ooooh, I really want that!

Okay, I will admit it, there are times when I can get a bit obsessive.

Just a bit.

And, when it comes to corkscrews, as I have mentioned before, when I find one or two made by the same manufacturer, having the same origins, or variations on the same theme, I feel compelled to find more of them.

So it has gone; Syroco, Detroit/Davis/Puddefoot, Frary, Converse, Mumford, Curley…

And, so when someone with whom I am working a trade happens to have a version of a corkscrew that I don’t yet have, and they know that I have many, I am sometimes willing to work the deal a little harder, perhaps giving up more, as it is THE one I don’t yet have.

As it happens, a deal was stuck yesterday for another Curley corkscrew; THE one that I don’t yet have. And, I did give up a couple of nice corkscrews to get it, but I REALLY wanted this one.


The Curley is the all-metal example with a decorated handle, and marked on one side of the handle with T.CURLEY, TROY,N.Y in circle and on the reverse with the patent date PAT. MAR.22,84.

I find this one particularly interesting as this version of the Curley with the patent date in a circle, is shown as an illustration in both the Dame, Stoddard, and Kendall catalog, as well as shown in Kenneth Cope’s book on Kitchen Collectibles.  Still no examples have turned in any reference book–although I know of at least four that exist within other collections.


Of course, the real reason that I had to have it, is because I didn’t have it!


That said, soon it will be heading to the island, and soon after that it will be added to the Curley page—and quite possibly it might make my best 6 of the year.

Thanks for the deal RL. You got me on this one!

Speaking of Curley corkscrews, I am still hunting for the version that simply reads EMPIRE across the handle.  If you have one, feel free to drop me a line.


I will probably give up too much in a trade for it!


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