The latest Curley arrives…

I spent the greater part of yesterday working on the cabinets (shop counters) at Island Spirits, and in the afternoon the lovely personal personal trainer stopped by with a nosh. And, shortly thereafter with the mail, which included a package from RL.

It seemed the Curley had arrived, but given I was involved in prepping, sanding, and painting cabinets, and was also working to get a counter installed, the box headed home with the lovely unopened.

After a few coats of paint, and some other chores at the shop, I headed home and after a few more chores, eyed the RL box. Opening it up, I was quite pleased with the Curley corkscrew mentioned the other day.


The handle, which is really the key thing here, is embossed on both sides. One with the patent date PAT MAR 22, 84 (the wrong patent date; the correct one is April 22, 1884) and the other side with T. CURLEY TROY N. Y.



After looking at it closely (and I am quite pleased with it) I decided to pull out the other version of the Curley that has the embossed patent date (also with the wrong patent date, the correct one is still April 22, 1884) across the handle and compared the two.


Both work on a similar principle, the handle and bell are integrated, and the worm moves up and down. This movement possible, due to the slot in the bell, and a screw or pin within that slot. Still, comparing the two they have further differences.


They are slightly different in size, and from the photos you shaft is clearly different.  And, in the bell photo, the bell on the left is the Curley with the date across the handle, and the one on the right is the latest arrival. The Curley on the left also only has one slot and a screw, where the one on the left has two slots and two pins.

A great addition to the collection, and one that might indeed make the best 6 of the year.

Thanks for the trade RL!

Now, if I could only get that Curley that is marked EMPIRE across the handle.  Anyone have an extra?  Do me a line.


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