Kentucky Dew Whiskey

The lovely personal personal trainer and I headed off island yesterday, for a little getaway.  Just one night off island, and a little antiquing along the way.

Not many corkscrews were found at the first couple of spots, and with it early in the season, many not open.  Still, we did manage to find one corkscrew worth buying, and it was a pretty darn good price.

Right upon walking into this particular store, just to the left of the front door was a small case, and within it a bottle roundlet–with a tag that read Whiskey Corkscrew.  I couldn’t make out the badge upon first glance, but after retrieving it from the case, the badge reads:

Call For Kentucky Dew Whiskey

Burns & O’Donohue Agts.

Bangor, Me.




Cool, that there is a Maine connection!

This morning, after coffee and breakfast, we will begin the journey home, but may make a few stops along the way.

Who knows what will turn up next.