A few corkscrews are enroute

Over the past few weeks, I have been engaging in an messaging exchange with a corkscrew collector who is wanting to part with their collection. I have picked up a couple for myself, and then have shared the photos of the collection with some near and dear friends.

And, I have played the broker on the collector’s behalf with the usual suspects. A few to Tommy, one to Webby, some to RL, one to Leon, and a few that will stay on the island.

Here is the latest lot.


On the wine shop front, we are fully licensed, partially stocked, and soon will be ready to re-open our doors.

But, given that Brimfield is coming up, we decided to put off opening for an extra couple of weeks, and will officially be open on May 20th, or 21st… Lots of new wines, as we have added on two new vendors. So, if you happen to need a bottle of Baileyana Chard, Tangent Sauvignon Blanc, or Gelida Cava, amongst many others, we will be able to take care of you.

And, you just never know, there may be an antique corkscrew or two inside the shop as well…

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