Collector Corkscrews Auction II

Yesterday, the second half of the latest auction ended, and there were some fabulous corkscrews that changed hands. A few bidding wars took place, and I actually won a lot.

Not that I one a lot of corkscrews, I won a single lot that contained one corkscrew. A fixed bell, that RL had put up for auction, I decided to throw a bid out there, and managed to come away with it.


On the bidding war front, there were a few corkscrews that I expected to garner some attention. Ron McLean’s Williamson folding patent was one of them. While no one has been able to identify the patent, as of yet, it definitely garnered some bids.


Looks like this one is heading to Romania!


Of course, there were two collectors going at if for the Syroco Golden Knight. J.O. won out on that one, and as he is particularly fond of figural corkscrews, I am sure he is quite pleased.

There were many many others that changed hands, and if you want to check out the auction results, click here (you will have to sign in).

On another corkscrew note, the oversized Walker bell arrived and it is quite a cool corkscrew–of course, I used to own it, so I knew what I was getting.

Here it is next to the oversized Williamson.


Really neat corkscrews, and I am guessing I need to pick up 6 litre bottle of wine to try them out. Or, given there are two of them, perhaps two 6 litre bottles.

Regarding the Island Spirits, I built new shelving for some noshes and nibbles that we will be selling. The wall of beer is complete. There is wine on the shelves, with another delivery this upcoming week, and we will soon be opening the doors–well, after Brimfield (I mean, how could you not go?!?!).

If any other corkscrews turn up, I will report back here!