let the countdown begin

We are just a week away from the opening of the Brimfield Antiques show…well, technically less than a week, as on the first morning, the show opens at day break. And, this year, instead of staying a hotel and making the drive into the show, we have rented a 4 bedroom house in Sturbridge and will be joined by some friends from the island, as well as Tommy, who is flying out on Monday.

You just never know what will turn up at Brimfield, but I will report back here with tales of any finds.

On an Island Spirits note, yesterday I ordered 36 more cases of wine, 15 cases of beer, and one case of water. You do need to have the appropriate ratio…

And, then hopped on the boat, to attend a wine tasting from one of the smaller distributors in the area.

Yes, work work work.

A last minute (albeit very welcome) submittal has delayed the publication of the latest edition of The Bottle Scrue Times, but I should have it to the printer shortly. 54 pages of all things corkscrew! Thanks to all of the addicts that contributed.

Stay tuned!


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