excited for Brimfield…

Monday morning, I will be hopping on the first boat, and after heading to Rock City Coffee, will begin the drive down. Not a lot of antiquing this time around, as I need to get down to Hartford, to pick up Tommy who will be flying in for the show.

No worries, there will be plenty of antiques at Brimfield!

For those that are regular readers of the blog, you have seen some of the Brimfield finds, and heard some of the adventures. May is generally the largest Brimfield show, and there are always corkscrews. Not always great corkscrews, but you will find at least one.

In thinking back over the last few years of the May show, the best find would probably be a Kummer patent (for 15 dollars).

No, I didn’t try to bargain them down.

Of course, there was the year of the De Bracht patent in the bottom of a box of old openers.

And, then there was he Hoegger wallmount, that after much negotation, remained on the speakeasy bar to which it was attached. I could have bought the bar for 9000.00 to get the Hoegger, but I thought it was a little steep : )

Still, you just never know what will turn up. And, I will report back here on the adventure.

Here are a few corkscrews from past May trips to Brimfield.


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