It pays to advertise

Apparently word is out that I collect corkscrews.

I know, that this is pretty obvious to all of you.

Still, over the last couple of days, I have received emails with pictures of corkscrews, Facebook messages about corkscrews, and at our local post office had someone describe an old corkscrew that they found at their mother’s house (she has promised to bring it in, for me to look at it).

In the images sent via email, one corkscrew definitely jumped out at me.


And, I have requested it be thrown into the Josef pile, and negotiations have begun.

An oblong handled Frary with the Hercules frame, it looks to be a double, but given there are several different sized handles on the Frarys, I will have to get it in my hands for comparison.


On the Facebook front, last week, a kitchen tool collector shared that he recently found a corkscrew in his hunt, and posted a photo. Over the course of the last week, we have been messaging back and forth, and yesterday struck a deal.


I have never owned an Express before, and it looks to be one in pretty good shape.

And, as previously mentioned, omorrow I head to Hartford (to pick up Tommy) and then we are off to Brimfield. I am actually hunting for a few things other than corkscrews this trip.

Not that I am not hunting for corkscrews.

Stay tuned!

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