I know, the suspense is killing you…

Let me preface this with apologizing for not reporting on day one of Brimfield. I will do my best to make up for that by reporting on both day one and day two.

But, before we start with day one, we need to start with the drive down.

On Monday, I hopped on the first boat, and after running some errands (which included dropping of the latest edition of The Bottle Scrue Times to the printer) I started the drive down to Hartford to pick up Tommy. With little time for antiquing, I decided to make a quick stop for aa coffee, and well…since there is an antique shop across the street, perhaps I could enjoy the coffee there, and then make up some time on the road.

It was worth the stop.

50 dealers in a fairly small shop, and everyone assigned a glass case. All smalls really. And, I had visited 44 of the cases, rather briskly, and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a helix. A helix attached to a lever.

With a price tag of 35 dollars.

In a 20% off case.


It suffices to say, my Brimfield week had already been made:


After paying my 28 dollars, I finished my coffee, hopped back in the x-terra, and made it down to Hartford with time to spare–smiling ear to ear over the Tucker find!

This year, the lovely bride and I rented a house for the Brimfield adventure, and invited a few friends along; Tommy, Alison, and Betsy. Betsy arrived shortly after Tommy and I pulled up. And, we had a casual dinner, and planned for an early morning–arriving at Brimfield at daybreak.

This first day, there wasn’t a whole lot of corkscrews available to be had; not even overpriced ones. Still, Barry had picked up a couple, and I managed a folding bow, and a simple Murphy t-pull. As we would bump into each other at the various fields however, “nothing” was the usual comment. Of course, that can change at any moment.

At Dealer’s Choice, I did manage to pick up a few interesting corkscrews, a really handsome T-pull, and just before that, a Topping patent wall-mount. Not bad!

Tommy was gathering up a few more things, and Barry scored a pair of legs at the field that followed.

The lovely personal personal trainer and Alison arrived last night, and after preparing dinner, and some general frivolity, we called it a night in preparation of day two.

This morning, at the first field, Barry picked up a small iron corkscrew, I picked up a little stag handle, and was pretty much it. I passed on a 700 dollar pair of celluloid shoes.

I did pick up a little sterling funnel with corkscrew, and a really cool Clough with DeCapitator which advertises Clough’s Decapitator. I have a small collection of Clough’s that advertise Clough, and was pretty excited to find it. Coincidentally, on day one I found an advertising piece for Clough that didn’t include a corkscrew. It too is for the decapitator, and I have never seen one before. A nice addition to the collection.



Longer than any Clough sheath I have ever seen, there is no opening for a corkscrew to be screwed in. Have you seen this before?

A pretty good show for all of us. Tomorrow is May’s, and the hunt will continue.

Here are my finds so far: