What an eventful Brimfield!

I will preface this by saying, when the lovely lovely personal personal trainer pulled up in the Mini, having run like a top all the way down to Sturbridge, as she pulled in front of the house we were renting, the Mini seemingly began to lose its brakes.

The lovely, however, doing her best Danica Patrick impression as she headed up the driveway, got there safely with our friend Alison serving as co-pilot (or co-Danica, as it were).

After looking at the car with TC, it seemed that the mini had a leak in its brake line, and in short order, phone calls were made to the various mechanics, AAA, and a new plan for Brimfield day two was put together. Fortunately we are gold members with AAA, and after a while a tow truck came, picked up the mini and took it to a dealer in Boston–some 60 miles away.


One vehicle down, we still made it to Brimfield Wednesday as mentioned the other day. And, during happy hour after our return, there was yet another corkscrew find that was shared. It=t is quite the tale, and the lovely will fill you in later.

On Thursday, TC and I departed early to line up for May’s. And, we ran into another corkscrew collector. His first time at Brimfield in many years, we talked corkscrews, and corkscrew folk, and he promised to send pictures of his collection.

Just as the gates were about to open, the lovely called, and said she, Alison, and Betsy were pulling in to the church parking lot just down the street, and would soon be traipsing around May’s field as well.

Before too long, we all crossed paths, after a lot of texting as to where each of us was. Not a lot of corkscrews at May’s this time around, but I did pick up 4 or 5, and prior to the field opening scored a DICO.

Not the DICO corkscrew mind you, but a nice DICO go-with. Apparently, at some point in their history, the Diamond Instrument Company also made a stopper/pourer. The one is marked on the bottom DICO WAKEFIELD, MASS.


Having exhausted May’s–making three trips around–we all headed off to lunch, and then did a bit more hunting on our way back to our vehicles. After heading back to the house we had rented in Sturbridge, we cleaned up a bit, and soon I was whisking TC back to the airport where he would be heading back to Chicago.

After saying goodbyes, and agreeing that this was a fabulous trip, I headed back to Sturbridge where the lovely was preparing dinner (and a yummy one at that). The vodka tonics were flowing, as was the ongoing conversation, and it was one last fun evening.

The next morning, the lovely, Alison, and I hopped in the x-terra, and headed back to Boston to pick up the soon to be repaired mini. And, after dropping the girls off, I started the drive back to Rockland to catch the boat, but not before picking up the latest edition of The Bottle Scrue Times from the printer (and 7 cases of olive oil for the shop).

And, we open the shop in just a few days. So, it is time to stop corkscrewing around for a few, and get back to the wine shop.

Still, if anything turns up, I will report back here.

For those that receive the BST, it will be mailed on Monday!

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