Japanese Corkscrew Patent

A while back, I mentioned the fantastic Japanese patented corkscrew that Ian Hunter presented at the 2014 ICCA AGM “Show and Tell.” He had a video of himself using the corkscrew, and then in the last issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, there was a detailed article about the piece.

As it happens, and with Ian’s permission, the article and the video have been added to both the members and the public The-ICCA.net website.

For those that would like to see the video you can link to it on the library site, and you can view it right here:

You can also read the article that Ian wrote, about this particular corkscrew, if you visit the The-ICCA.net and click on the library link.

Or, you can simply link to it here.

This is a very special find! And, how cool is it that we have a video to see how it is used.

Great Stuff Ian!!!


One response

  1. 10 days ago!. Can’t believe I haven’t visited since then. Thanks for sticking it up. Don’t suppose you can turn video upright.

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