I will preface this by saying, Island Spirits officially opened today, and it was well received. Folks that had been in the shop previously (before renovations and re-design) were pretty wowed. It really makes the long hours of construction, design, and renovation worth it. And, with the lovely bride’s added “bling;” a chandelier just above the shop counter, the shop makes a definite statement.

Also, we added some really great wines, with more to come.

On the corkscrew front, on Etsy (in between selling wine, and ordering more wine) I picked up a cool Haff patent with Clough worm. I have had similar before, but not with the button; an interesting combination.


I will add here, that several years ago, I had a Haff handled corkscrew with a Clough wire worm, and whilst sitting behind my table at the ICCA AGM buy and sell, Fred O’Leary and the late Lehr Roe engaged in an impromptu bidding war for my Haff/Clough. They both saw it as they walked up to the table, and apparently both wanted it, and what started as a few dollar corkscrew, soon ran up well-over a hundred.

Honestly, I don’t remember which Addict ended up as the winning bidder, but it was all good fun!

Tomorrow it is back to the shop! But, if I uncover any corkscrews, or if some random customer comes in with an antique corkscrew, I will update the blog immediately!

Perhaps I should put it out there that antique corkscrews are an acceptable form of payment…