I just can help myself. ..

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a few pictures from a collection, and in amongst the various corkscrews that were of the common variety, was a Frary with Hercules frame and oblong handle.


So, I sent an email inquiring about that particular corkscrew.

And, the seller was less than responsive.

I gathered from their lack of response, that either they didn’t want to sell, or they missed the email.

I let a week pass, and I emailed again, just to check in.

And, the seller was less than responsive.

Well, technically, they did respond, but instead of saying that they were interested in parting with the Fray, they sent additional pictures of other corkscrews.

Having received additional pictures, I looked closely, and then (again) inquired about the Frary.

…to which I got no response.

Figuring that they were still undecided on whether to sell the piece or not, the other day I threw out a number that I thought was rather healthy (healthier for the potential seller, rather than me). And, the person finally responded.

In the affirmative.

And, so after a few weeks of waiting, a deal was done. An oblong (squashed) handled Frary with Hercules frame is heading to the collection.


Now, it very well could be that his piece is a double–as I already have one that looks similar. Still, you just never know if the handle is slightly different in size, etc.,

When it arrives, I will report back here.

And, if it is different, it will be added to the Frary corkscrew page.

If it is actually a double, it will be placed on the potential trade pile, for those that might be interested.

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