a few arrivals…

While the wine shop has been quite the focus over the last week, there were a few corkscrews that recently arrived. A few I knew were coming, and then there was a small box from RL with a few b-day gifts. Thanks RL.

The Hercules Frary arrived, and it is indeed a duplicate–in nice shape too.


And, there is that Haff with the button, pictured next to another metal handled Haff that RL sent.


I did pick up one of those metal fish corkscrews with the fold out corkscrew and knife, with the addition of the box, it is a neat little piece.


And, there were a couple of nice modern waiters, that RL also sent.


Finally, I picked up an interesting Frary that is nickel plated. This is (kind of) a double, as I have a decorated handle Frary with hammer, bell assist, and spike. Or, as described in an 1890 copy of Iron Age, “Combined Corkscrew, Ice Pick, Breaker, &e”

Here is the one that was already in the collection:



And, here is the newest addition, without the hammer. Not sure if it ever had one, but it certainly has a nice nickel finish.


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