Culinary Tongs

One of the interesting patented contraptions that has proven rather elusive, is W. S, Elters’ patented culinary tongs. Patented on May 2, 1933, the tongs does sometimes turn up, but there are several iterations, those that look only like a jar lifter, without any of the extra tools that are shown in the patent drawing, one that looks similar to the patent drawing, and one–the one that would be of interest to all of us–that includes a corkscrew attached to a point where the tongs pivot.


Elters’ patent (# 1,906,454 ) was assigned to John E. Ledger and was marketed as, the Vise-o-Lift. And, a couple of years ago I did find one hanging from a beam in an antique store in Vermont, but it was the version without the corkscrew.


I passed on that one, but eventually did pick up a Vise-O-Lift without a corkscrew, mostly as a place holder for the hopeful eventuality that one with a corkscrew would find it’s way into the collection.

And, yesterday one did.


Marked VISE-O-Lift INC. PAT PEND DAYTON, OHIO U.S.A., it is a very cool addition to the collection. This very well could well make the best 6 of the year.