Bonin’s Cork Retreiver

Truth be told, I prefer corkscrews that are of the older variety. I do have a couple of Gemelli patents, a few Ross pigs, and lots of Syrocos (of course), but by in large, I prefer corkscrews that were manufactured closer to the turn of the century–that being the previous turn of the century, please don’t send any millennium bug corkscrews my way.

Still, there are a few more recent corkscrews that are of interest. And, one is Bernard R. Bonin’s Cork Retriever.


Bonin filed for his patent on October 24, 1975, and it was finally granted on Apr 12, 1977.


(for those interested, this is available on the Buy Now site of right now)

I have long thought I would just happen on one of these in my travels, but they really don’t turn up that often. And, it may well be that without the packaging, in online searches, what potential seller would know that this was designed to pull a cork–or a retrieve a cork, for that matter?

Still, I did finally find a Bonin the other day. And, while it is not destined to make the best 6 of the year, given it is a patent (U. S. Design Patent No. 244,002), it will find its way into the U.S. Patented Corkscrew Collection.