Novelty Corkscrews Smart, Serviceable

From the November 1, 1927 issue of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Novelty Corkscrews Smart, Serviceable

Pulling corks, like everything else, is no longer the simple matter it used to be and there are as many different tools for getting into a can as a burglar uses when opening a safe.

Corkscrews Are Works of Art.

A corkscrew which originated in France has a handle like a pocketknife and blade for opening any type of bottle or jar. The corkscrew gives you a pull with unknown bottles when traveling abroad—a claw like blade pries the can off mineral water


and a can opener attachment makes the opener a useful adjunct to the picnic at home as well as the trip to Europe.

Folding Corkscrew Serviceable.

A folding corkscrew which may conveniently be carried in the pocket is ingeniously contrived into a lever for pulling out the cork. A larger corkscrew for home use also employs the leverage principle by means of a pair of claw-like handles and a circular frame which prevents the bottle from slipping.

Ingenious German Device.

In decided contrast to the versatile French corkscrew, the German ones have heavy bone handles and do not fold or have trick features. Their handles match those of the bone knives frequently carried by men.

A useful little device for retrieving corks which have gone half way down the neck of the bottle consist of two prongs placed on either side of the hollow handle. The cap top pulls the cork out by suction when the prongs are inserted in either side of it.