goodbye to the mini cooper

Well, the time finally came.

I got my mini the year that they were released in the states (2002), and it has been my vehicle of choice for countless road trips all over the country for the last 13 years. It was in the mini that the five dollar golden knight found itself belted in a successful trip to Indiana. It was in the mini that I basked in a triumphant corkscrew joy, after finding a Syroco Tramp for 10 dollars. Trips to the local flea markets around the Chicago are, road trips to Syracuse in the hunt for Syroco.  There have been so many trips to Brimfield in the mini, and even more backroad adventures in the hunt of our much coveted corkscrews.

Over the last few years however, the mini has needed much work, and as mentioned during our last Brimfield adventure, it yet again had to be towed to a dealer to have another repair.


And, even with that last repair, it wasn’t quite right. So, yesterday, I took the day off from the wine shop and headed to the mainland, knowing that the mini would be traded in on something else.

And, given the weather conditions within which we live most of the year, a four-wheel drive vehicle would make the most sense. While they do make an all-wheel drive mini, a more beefy vehicle seems to the order of the day, so the mini found a new home, and I returned to the island with a new corkscrew-pursuit-vehicle; a (slightly used) truck.


A bit sporty, it has a double cab, so Philos (or visiting guests) can be in the back seat, and there is ample room for corkscrews.

Heck, there is an entire bed for corkscrews.

Speaking of, not a whole lot of finds as of late, but that can change any moment!

Stay Tuned!